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About Dr. Kristina Olson-Kuyper

I love working with families.  Watching families thrive is one of my greatest pleasures.  My practice is built around helping both parents and children reach their vision of optimal health.  This means supporting mothers and fathers during pregnancy and postpartum to ensure that they will have the stamina to care for their growing family.  Parenthood can be tough, especially when one feels worn out and run down.  I have tools and provide options to help new parents and seasoned parents alike feel their best, so that they can take more pleasure in their parenting roles.  

Dr. Kristina Olson-Kuyper
Naturopathic Physician

Latest Clinic News:


We are happy to announce that we are accepting new patients! 

Visit the patient portal to schedule your or your childs appointment today!

In addition to my school mandated clinical training from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR, I completed over 1200 hours of clinical training in primary care, midwifery and pediatrics with the doctors at Vibrant Family Medicine in Gresham Oregon. Following gaduation, I joined the amazing ND midwives at Vibrant Family Medicine in Gresham. It was during this time that I honed my skills as a family doctor.  In 2013 I did a year long clinical mentorship in women’s health with Dr. Kimbery Suriano OBGYN, which further honed my skills in women’s health and obstetrics.  I am also trained in placenta encapsulation, which is a fabulous adjunctive therapy for new mothers.  

My medical training has given me the skills set to diagnose, treat and manage illness from both a conventional perspective and an alternative/natural approach.  I incorporate many different modalities into my treatment plans such as: homeopathy, herbs, pharmaceutical medicines and food as medicine. My office visits are different than that of most doctors, because I educate my patients about their concerns and the various treatment options available to them.  I approaches each patient with compassion for where they are starting their journey and support them along the way towards their vision of optimal health. 

When I am not seeing patients you can find me on Alki Beach with my two young boys or hiking in the mountains. 

I look forward to seeing you!

In Health,

Dr. Kristina

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